About the product

The official native mobile app of the News 360 channel for Android and iOS. It allows to watch all tv programs, read the news, and watch the channel live for free in the best quality. The work was started in April 2018 and lasted a month.

Description of the task

About the Client:: “360°” -- is a popular all-Russian informative-entertaining channel with the audience reach more than 36 million people. They show the self-produced line of TV formats, including news programs, films, and shows.

The task: We had to improve the existing mobile application: to redesign it, add the new watching and searching features, also add the possibility to sign for rubric and format updates. and advertising slots.

The result: The project has been launched; active support and its development are ongoing.

Working process

There were 7 people in our team working for this project:

  • 2 Android-developers;
  • 2 iOS-developers;
  • Project manager;
  • UX/UI-designer;
  • QA-engineer.

The documentation and analytics were given by the client. For the management of working processes, we used the Kanban methodology.

Stack of technologies


Programmin language: Swift.
Libraries and frameworks:

  • Moya (work with net requests);
  • RxSwift/RxCocoa (reactive extensions);
  • Kingfisher (image loading and caching).

Analytics: Crashlytics (crash statistics collection).


Programmin language: Java.
Libraries and frameworks:
Basic: Retrofit 2.

  • AndroidX (support library);
  • Glide (library for work with images).

Analytics: Crashlytics (crash statistics collection).